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The Conservative S-DDM Scheme for Multi-component Contamination Flows in Porous Media


Modelling multi-component contamination flows in porous media is an important and difficult problem. Mathematical models describing multi-component contamination flows in porous media are the time-dependent and coupled nonlinear partial differential equations. Due to the complexity, the nonlinearity, the large scale and long term of simulation, and the protection of groundwater, it is important to develop efficient numerical methods for solving pollution flows in parallel computing. In this talk, I will present our conservative S-DDM scheme that we develop for computing nonlinear multi-component contamination flows over multiple non-overlapping domain decompositions. The significant feature of the scheme is that while it keeps the excellent advantages of the non-overlapping domain decomposition and the splitting technique, the developed algorithm conserves mass over the whole domain. Numerical experiments show the excellent performance of the developed method for computing nonlinear multi-component pollution flows in environmental computation.

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