Affiliated Research Institutes and Centres

McMaster University offers a unique environment in Canada, boasting access to some of the world’s leading computational resources.

Facilities, Resources, Support & Affiliated Laboratories

  • SHARCNET – McMaster University is a major partner in the Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network (SHARCNET), currently among the leading high-performance computing centers in the world.
  • Research and High-Performance Computing Support Group (RHPCS) – RHPCS supports high performance computing installations as a central part of the university infrastructure and provides various levels of computing support to the research and high-performance computing communities at McMaster.
  • Resource Libraries – Three libraries at McMaster University that provide world-class collections, including an extensive collection of online e-journals, covering all areas of physical sciences, mathematics and engineering include the Thode Library (Science and Engineering), Health Sciences Library and the Mills Memorial Library .

Affiliated Laboratories

Affiliations and Collaborations

McMaster University features a unique collaborative environment with interdepartmental affiliations and shared resources including:

  • The Origins Institute conducts transdisciplinary research, runs conferences and workshops, and offers positions through a postdoctoral programme.  They run a free colloquium and public lecture series and bring to campus cutting-edge researchers and world-reknowned speakers to meet with students and engage the public.
  • Active cooperation channels exist via the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research and the McMaster Nuclear Reactor with high-quality researchers involved from both faculties.
  • SHARCNET is among the leading high-performance computing centers in the world. It expands opportunities for faculty and students on campus and across universities to work collaboratively on research initiatives.
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